Exceptional Dining to Nourish our Seniors

At Present Moments Senior Living, we believe mealtimes should nourish our residents’ bodies and souls. Providing delicious, nutritious food in an uplifting setting is integral to our care model. When residents gather for meals, they experience the intrinsic joy that comes from socializing and eating great food — especially when the menu includes their lifelong favorites.

A Fine Dining Experience

Meals at Present Moments Senior Living are on par with what our residents have enjoyed throughout their lives at their favorite restaurants. Our culinary team serves only fresh, made-from-scratch meals featuring locally sourced produce and ingredients. But it’s not just what our chefs serve that makes Present Moments Senior Living dining so special — it’s how they serve it.

Catering to Residents’ Individual Needs

While gathering for meals has wonderful benefits, we can also accommodate residents who wish to dine on their own schedule. Each meal is thoughtfully prepared to meet residents’ preferences, dietary needs and dexterity capabilities.

Our goal is to support the most comfortable dining experience possible. We provide access to delicious and nutritious dining options throughout the day. Additionally, specialized dietary needs — including medical, cultural or religious restrictions — can be accommodated.

From the delicious meals and a lovely ambiance to the friendly companions and attentive service, dining experiences at The Moments make residents feel at home, appreciated, respected and cared for.

To ensure you receive the personalized care you need, when you need it, our Director of Resident Care will provide in-depth initial and ongoing health assessments, in partnership with you and your personal physician’s recommendations, to provide a customized care plan to suit your specific needs.

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Call our staff directly at (442) 232-2824 to learn more about our facility and what we can offer to you or your loved one. Our Veteran and family-owned care facility was created to provide personalized and comfortable care to seniors and give them the freedom to remain active. We are looking forward to meeting you.


Your Loved One Will Feel Right At Home

Our senior living home is located in the scenic Sunrise Vista area, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and tranquil surroundings that promote relaxation and a sense of calm.


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