The Philosophy of Our Assisted Living

The Present Moments Difference

Relationships often define who we are–relationships with family, between residents, among friends and with staff. It’s quality moments spent with others that truly celebrate a life well lived with great activities, the best of care, beautiful surroundings and delicious meals. We believe these meaningful experiences are enhanced by those who are with us every day.

Our mission is to provide an individualized, multi-leveled assisted living program that addresses the mind, body and spirit. We do this by offering safe, nurturing, individualized care in an environment that provides all the comforts of home, including an array of holistic programs and services designed to enhance the quality of life of the persons served, restore and improve functioning, heal old wounds, maintain relationships, and remain as independent as possible. We are dedicated to providing specialized care specifically tailored to each resident’s unique needs throughout the aging experience, putting their wellbeing and dignity at the forefront of everything we do.

List of Services Provided

See below for an example of the types of services we provide at Present Moments Senior Living

Optional Services Provided for Additional Cost

To ensure you receive the personalized care you need, when you need it, our Director of Resident Care will provide in-depth initial and ongoing health assessments, in partnership with you and your personal physician’s recommendations, to provide a customized care plan to suit your specific needs.

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Call our staff directly at (442) 232-2824 to learn more about our facility and what we can offer to you or your loved one. Our Veteran and family-owned care facility was created to provide personalized and comfortable care to seniors and give them the freedom to remain active. We are looking forward to meeting you.



Your Loved One Will Feel Right At Home

Our senior living home is located in the scenic Sunrise Vista area, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and tranquil surroundings that promote relaxation and a sense of calm.


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